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Jo Jo dumped her boyfriend Chad and then we were teased with preview footage of Chad storming through a forest to find and murder Jo Jo’s other boyfriends. You guys can’t take it any longer either, admit it! The brofriends high five each other back at the cabin.We pick up right where we left off, after ABC spends 8 minutes reviewing the traumatizing footage from the previous episode. They celebrate the departure of Chad or, as I like to call it, the de-Chadding.Welcome to the largest and fastest growing online community for single Christians.

An Oasis of Peace The gentleman with MI6 written all over his face told me with incredible conviction that Uruguay was the best place in the world to live in.

The Gulf is not a destination — it's where people go so that they can afford to settle in places like Australia, where they speak English and watch cricket.

Running out of individual freedom-loving, uncrowded and inexpensive countries, I had almost given up, until...

Name: Magdalena Rodríguez (Maggie)Twitter handle: @maggie8uy Country of Origin: Uruguay Organization Name: GPSGAYOrganization Website: Description of Organization: GPSGAY is a digital resource for the LGBT community, providing news, information, tourism guides, and social interaction.

By offering a place to share with others with the same cultural interests without discrimination based on their sexual orientation creating a sense of belonging among users and support between pairs; it creates an inclusive environment for users to engage in while simultaneously providing a channel for organizations to interact with this community.

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