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) and learning to listen to, and follow instructions.

Olivia’s not quite there yet, but a few of the mums I know have older children and seem to do a lot of juggling with various after school clubs, so how to manage all of this?

One local business owner I discovered on twitter, Aurelie Lepercq founder of The Kids Do, is championing after school activities in and around my local area.

Founded in 2016, The Kids Do goes beyond helping parents search for after school activities.

And increasingly, they’re doing it through chatbots.

Skarsgård recognizes that even "True Blood," considered envelope-pushing in America, remains "very tame, by Swedish standards." He tells OUT "..always strikes me as weird because parents in the States freak out if their kids see a nipple or a butt cheek, but, at the same time, they’re OK with their kids watching people bash each other’s heads in with baseball bats. "And that’s also why we’re so liberal and so cool with our sexuality – because we f*ck a lot [laughter]," he says.

If you’re in Messenger or a number of other messaging platforms, you can connect with bots much as you would with other users. The potential for bots to serve as app replacements has inspired companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, and others to bet on messaging as an altogether new way of interacting with the web.

Except the bots aren’t people; they’re brands like H&M or Whole Foods, and they’re there to serve up things like outfit recommendations and recipe ideas, depending on the keywords that you type. New interfaces, after all, tend to have an outsize effect on the tech industry.

It uses intelligent technology to come up with perfectly co-ordinated options of children activities across a termly schedule, all in a single view.

Like tens of millions of teens across the world, 15-year-old Emma rarely surfs the web or tries out new apps.

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