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All sizes in production including those with corrugated bottoms.

Lateral adjustment lever with patent dates 10-21-84 &7-24-88. The planes were identical to the original Stanleys, except for the markings on the beds, (W.., K..), Keen Kutter and Winchester trademarks on the blades and frogs with twisted lateral levers.

It was the largest plane Stanley produced and is in nice condition with lots of original japanning.

The cutter is OK and has over 1" or so left to the slot.

This plane is all original and in nice overall condition.

: (1915-1960) Screw adjustable fence started with type 12. Type 16 &17 are Stanley notched rectangle trademarks.

The only difference in types 12-17 is trademark stamped on main body skate.

I understand there's a point in time beyond which Stanley bench planes are no longer considered to be of high quality, or at least of noticably lesser quality. I wonder if there's a cutoff that can be described in terms of a date or in terms of Stanley plane types that's generally accepted. And is it always the case that older is better (assuming equal condition)?

However I've not come across a UK Stanley that didn't have a ribbed frog. I try to stick to the US models where you can date them a bit...although, simply because of the interchangeability of the design..planes are hybrids or "Frankensteins" as called in some elite circles!

I bought a few Type 16 No.4Cs, 5Cs, 6C, and 7C this year Minty with box from to 5 They price of a brand new Stanley but these where made much better.....

Just buy one in fine condition and everything else is tuning that you need to learn anyway.........

Many specimens have been seen, but there is always the potential for finding a new type or an anomaly.

The format used for the type discussions and trademark designations generally follows other published studies. This is the Type Study part of a larger paper of 8 pages that also discusses the history, development and characteristics of this, the best plane ever made. See • Beds marked with Bailey model numbers, No.2 to 8.

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