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Though Naomi confronted her over it, the pair later made up and even had lunch together just three weeks before the vicious attack.Konye, though, was evidently plotting a horrible ‘revenge’.The mug hit the left side of the teen’s forehead, and she soon thereafter started having difficulty closing her mouth and left eye. Narudee’s mother reported the story to the media after the school refused to cover her THB300,000 medical expenses.After the story came to light, the PE teacher was charged with aggravated assault — a charge he has denied.”It makes me upset and angry that all some people see is the disfigurement not the person,” she says.“I knew from when I was young that I was different and I hated it when people stared and said things like ‘what’s wrong with your face? The distress that facial disfigurement can cause is something Professor Iain Hutchison, Consultant Oral and Maxilllofacial Surgeon at St Bartholomew and the Royal London Hospitals, is all too familiar with.‘‘We all look for beauty and attractiveness,” he says.Paitoon claimed he did not intend to hit the student’s face and only threw a mug at the window.

So devastated was Naomi when she first saw her disfigured face, neck and chest, that she contemplated suicide.

Planning something as simple as a date," said a man called Richard, "can be very stressful." Some of us could have told him that before.

Dates, as those of us who have been on more than we've had hot dinners know, are stressful.

Joanna’s birthmark could not be removed or treated because of its position on her face - across her nose and over her right cheek - and the fact that it was several layers deep. I began to feel very angry which was a painful emotion to live with, and I isolated myself.” In a culture obsessively focussed on the perfect appearance, it is tough to live with a facial disfigurement like Joanna’s.

That drunken jibe was just one example of the attitudes she must confront on a regular basis. Yet as many as one in 100 people in the UK do so, whether as the result of a birthmark, illness, surgery, a disfiguring skin condition, or an accident or attack.

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