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Four walls, a roof, you, him/her; that is all that your thoughts seem to be consumed with. For various reasons, parents tend to put off talking about such things with their children. It is best that you yourself take the first step and talk to your child about dating, relationships, crushes, infatuation, and the four-letter word you thought your child was too young to understand - love. There can be several consequences (and severe ones too) of banning your child from dating. Do not dismiss your child's feelings by giving reasons like 'age', 'maturity', 'foolishness', 'real life' and the likes.

What your child is going through is 'real life' for him/her. You being unreasonable is going to make your child rebellious; it will make him/her disregard and disobey you. Another consequence of not allowing your teenage child to date can be that your child develops hang-ups for life.

I’m not ready for her to go out on dates with boys. What do you think is a good age for this and should curfews be imposed? I didn’t start dating until I was 16 and I had to be home by . If your daughter is self confident, social and usually chooses friends who treat her well then you might give her a chance to date a bit.

In my opinion 14 is a bit young to begin an intensely emotional dating life but it depends on your daughter‘s personality, level of self confidence, judgment of friends and potential dating partners, and ability to talk to you about the details of her life.

Once you’re done talking, set a good example in your relationship with your significant other.

Once your child starts dating, don’t stop talking to them about relationships.

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