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Recently crowned champion and finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki is seen here looking classy with his girlfriend Jessica Olsson.Let's go back 15 or so years to when Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki were best-bud Dallas Mavericks teammates establishing their excellence in the NBA and always hanging out to shoot in the gym together at night.Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks scored his 30,000th career point on Tuesday night becoming only the 6th player in history to do so.In celebration of the milestone, he said he “had a Bud Light for the first time in a long time.“ (B-Roll footage of the press conference can be found HERE.) In honor of Dirk’s achievement, and to welcome him to this elite club, Bud Light, the official beer of the NBA, delivered 30,000 Bud Lights – one for every point in his career – to the Mavericks offices so the legend could share a brew with the most loyal of MFFLs.We're taught to fear giants, not love them, but that hasn't stopped these WAGs from cuddling up with their respective behemoth.To be fair, a good deal of athletes are humongous compared to the general population, much less their significant other, so such a height disparity is common.We better understand the more powerful impact of the three-point shot, no matter that it's so much "softer" than a dunk.And we better understand Nowitzki's diligent training and competitive fire that happen to be teamed with a self-deprecating humor rather than self-aggrandizing personality.

Nowitzki was infatuated from the start:“What made her so special? The family make regular trips to Kenya and Germany when possible.“We don’t want them to just grow up [in Dallas]. We want to show them different cultures, different languages so they can grow up, become educated and make educated decisions when they’re older on where they want to live, what they want to do.”As a full time citizen, Nowitzki shares the concerns of many about the obstacles that his children will meet, being mixed race in America. You have to educate them early enough so they know, this is a person, the higher authority, you need to show them some respect.”In a world in which needless divides are created based on skin color and vitriolic political campaigns are deemed appropriate, it’s refreshing to hear high-profile athletes such as Nowitzki discuss issues such as race in an eloquent and positive manner.

Dwight Howard had a cameo in the 2010 movie, "Valentine's Day," so to get ready, he worked with an acting coach to get his acting skills up to par.

Now, she might not be his girlfriend, but considering his acting is terrible, who knows what they did during those "lessons." In any case, the 6'11'' NBA center makes a lot of women look tiny, as is evidenced here with a woman whose face barely reaches his stomach.

For lunches, they would swing through Eatzi's Market & Bakery, the ahead-of-its-time semi-supermarket that, at the turn of the century, gave Dallas cultured, ready-made, healthy eating—and even cultured classical or opera music playing inside its glass doors.

To see the way he habitually adjusts the collar of his jersey like a nervous tic, settles for all those fadeaway jumpers and closes out on shooters as if he were dragging a concert piano, hefty opera singer or even a supermarket behind him..still seems soft in a sense.

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