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list Item[“Skills”] = “Some skill”;list Item[“Disclipline”] = “some discipline”;// write the update but do not trigger eventsthis. Renaming ‘skills’ to skilltype’ left the internal name as ‘skills’.

Using a watch on the list item, the internal field names were: Can you see what happened?

The obvious difference is, the synchronous event is raised before committing the changes so that we have the opportunity to cancel whatever the the operation but not in the asynchronous event as that is raised after successfully committing the changes requested. Update()This will bind the event handler to the list using the default binding depending on the type of the event, for example, if it is Item Adding, binding is synchronous and Item Added the binding is asynchronous.

With that simple description I will dive direct to the specifics as there are plenty of information available about event handlers in Share Point out there. Another way of registering an event handler to a list is by creating an empty handler and setting the values separately, //Create the event handler item Added Event Receiver = parent List. Add(); //Set the values for the item added event receiver item Added Event Receiver.

that update was supposed to be part of the version that the user just created by updating.

Otherwise, every user update of the list item would bump the version number twice!

By default, using the object model, we can register the event handlers by, parent List.

I’m not sure if it was my particular mix of SP1, Site Content types, 64bit server, and the use of a Business Data column on the document library that was making it not work, but I simply had to use the display name, or else none of the data I set would stick (my column names had a mix of spaces and no spaces, and interestingly the column names with no spaces worked either way).It also provides some related Office Information, including VSTO and VSTA and other office application development tips.One of the problems I had with list event handlers was event recursion. I wanted to check some values, and then set a value in a field based on a set of rules.Once I got things working with the Display Name of the field, I then noticed that I had a problem with the data disappearing after I would edit the properties of the document.But this was only for Microsoft Office document types, things were fine for image files, text files, xml files.

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