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It's a collection of 13 stories that all feature one girl, Elizabeth/Lizzie/Beth, as she navigates her life. [13 Ways] announces her as a writer with real insight not only to the mind, but also to the heart." Bustle.com, 17 Of 2016 s Most Anticipated Books" In this dark, honest debut, Awad sharply observes everywhere from online chat rooms to office break rooms the struggles of growing up, growing out, and trying to slim down, at any cost." - Marie Claire" A painfully raw and bitingly funny debut . Beautifully constructed; a devastating novel but also a deeply empathetic one." Kirkus Reviews, starred review" Touching . Elizabeth is (all at once) frank, curious, and insecure, filled with doubts about her weight, her sexuality, and the way she's perceived by others. We get a lot of emails, phone calls, and comments on this blog from adults who are being bullied though technology. We know that cyberbullying negatively affects adults too.They stress to us that cyberbullying is not just an adolescent problem. It’s just that we spend the majority of our efforts studying how this problem impacts school-aged youth due to their tenuous developmental stage.If there are ways you can determine who exactly is making the comments, also document that.Second, contact the service or content provider through which the bullying is occurring." This is a book of interconnected stories (though the vast majority are centred on Lizzie) that show you not only how she looks at herself but how others look at her and how she looks at other fat girls. Mona Awad has a gift for turning the everyday strange and luminous, for finding bright sparks of humor in the deepest dark. Her work has appeared in Mc Sweeney's, The Walrus, Joyland, Post Road, St. She is currently pursuing a Ph D in Creative Writing and English Literature at the University of Denver.It's not an easy book to read, and you should not read it hoping for learning and growth and happy endings, but there s a lot of truth in Awad's stories." Bookriot's Best Books of February 2016" This book floored me from the very first page. [Lizzie] gets under your skin, and she stays there. Behind the title of Awad's sharp first book, a unique novel in 13 vignettes, is brazen-voiced Lizzie, who longs for, tests, and prods the deep center of the cultural promise that thinness, no matter how one achieves it, is the prerequisite for happiness." Booklist" This book sparkles with wit and at the same time comes across as so transparent and genuine Awad knows how to talk about the raw struggles of female friendships, sex, contact, humanness, and her voice is a wry celebration of all of this at once." Aimee Bender, author of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake" Hilarious and cutting . She is a strikingly original and strikingly talented new voice." Laura van den Berg, author of Find Me and The Isle of Youth" Luminous .

When she was 19, she met Robert Simpson, a chef at a steak restaurant. He encouraged her to eat by bringing leftovers home from work for her; Simpson said "he liked me supersized".

On the 29th, a female listener revealed to the radio station that she recently fought with her boyfriend because of her decision to go on a diet.

When she shared with him her diet plans for the new year, he told her, "If someone had to lose weight, I would tell that person to lose weight.

Donna Simpson (born 1967) is an American woman who in 2008 expressed a desire to become one of the world's heaviest women.

She wished to attain a target weight of 1,000 pounds (450 kg).

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No matter how you identify, you're sure to empathize with her in some small, secret way that you thought was only true to yourself. [13 Ways] peels back the curtain on the struggles of entering womanhood from body image, to relationships, to merely navigating the oh-so-cruel world." Elle, 16 Novels by Women Everyone Will Be Talking About in 2016" Mona Awad writes exactly what you're thinking, and that's one of the many reasons you're going to love her debut.

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