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Easy.o Look for "something" you dropped with your phone flashlight. " While I'm pretty much an expert on the guys us ladies will sleep with - I'm also pretty knowledgeable in what kind of ladies you guys will sleep with.

If they want to help, that means they want to bang you. If these don't work then you might be really awkward or ugly. o Tell him/her you're blind and ask them to read you the drink menu or to get the bartender's attention for you. Just call me the "College Sex Guru", because that's pretty much what I am. I'm just going to warn your right now boys, you're going to sleep with a girl who is then going to cling onto you with her life.

Their behavior is altered in ways that prevent us from knowing their most true nature. If you are having a secret affair and still trying to carry on your primary relationship as though nothing has changed, you are under an illusion, which is; what you are observing about your primary relationship is unaffected by your secret.The point of those was to get attention (and also to announce to the world that you're a douche, but that is a different subject). o Fake trip lightly into someone and grab their arm. o Use props: if you can procure a pair of crutches, you're golden.You get the point: Do something that starts a conversation instead of saying something. Then say you're so sorry and boom, if they want to talk to you, they will.o Ask them to take a photo for you. I also saved a cast from when I broke my wrist once, when I'm going through a dry spell I slip that thing back on and boom, dudes can't ask me fast enough "What happened to your arm?In our staff picks, you’ll find Lincoln Child’s thriller featuring werewolves in the Adirondacks, Lydia Davis’s translation of Marcel Proust’s letters to his neighbor, Chiara Barzini’s coming-of-age novel set against the 1994 Northridge earthquake, and many more.For deeper dives into fiction, mystery/thriller, romance, sci-fi, nonfiction, and children’s, check out our category picks for even more great summer books.

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