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That’s a tradition at Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Can Ohio State quarterback J. Barrett arguably COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) The old guys club at Ohio State this year is exclusive. Not COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) After he injured his knee in Ohio State’s season opener last year, linebacker Dante Booker was a man in limbo.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- An Ohio woman who was seen topless and spraying mace at a police officer faced a judge on Thursday.

As police get closer to Jones, he turns slightly while appearing to reach for the back of his waistband, where there is a visible bulge. Because the audio is turned off, there's no definitive way to tell why Jones turned or reached for his waistband.

Several minutes after the shooting, as one officer's body camera is still recording, one of the officers involved is heard explaining to another officer who just arrived to the scene: “We roll up, we’re talking to him, and I see a bulge in his waistband under his shirt and I’m like, ‘That has to be a phone.’” The officer goes on to say “(Another officer) draws down on him, (and) he pulls his f**king gun on us.” Jones died Monday from his injuries.

However, when white supremacists descended on Charlottesville, It’s the latest World of Bone Podcast, fueled by Grand Prix Karting!

On the latest Podcast, Bone talks about his great trip to Bristol.

We scout out your favorite acts and work hard to bring you a great show. If the history of the place doesn’t intrigue you, the century-old acoustics will. While the Sanctuary gives you the front row experience with plenty of room to dance, our Loft puts you just above eye-level with the performer.—Subscribe to the World of Bone on i Tunes— —Android users can find the RSS feed Photo: Nick Bosa / Courtesy: 97.1 The Fan | BY: LORI SCHMIDT | He had seven tackles for loss, five sacks, and three quarterback hurries, but Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer thinks that defensive lineman Nick Photo: / Courtesy: 97.1 The Fan | BY: LORI SCHMIDT | During fall camp, the only colors Ohio State’s football players might really be interested in are Scarlet and Gray.However, when white supremacists descended on Charlottesville, COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Nick Bosa lives in the shadow of his superstar older brother Joey, one of the best defensive ends ever to play at Ohio State.Most of the citys cost for the cameras will show up this spring in the capital budget, where money will be earmarked to buy cameras and other equipment.But the city also needs additional staff members to review camera footage, process requests for public records and provide technical support, said Joe Lombardi, the citys finance director.

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