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Many feminists cry foul, as pole dancing is rarely recognized as anything other than a performance for the male gaze to prey upon, and yet women are beginning to embrace this style of dance by the thousands.

So in the 21st century is pole dancing simply sexist, or is it an empowering art form?

This paper will discuss the increase in fitness professionals offering pole dancing for fitness around Australian and in Canberra, and the subsequent businesses that stem from these studios, such as apparel, equipment and pole dancing championships.

Because pole dancing is not recognised as a sport it raises questions over the legitimacy of competitions.

The History of Pole Dancing By now you’ve probably seen Timeline’s viral video, “The History of Pole Dancing,” which notes that this art form dates back all the way back to the 12th century when Chinese circus professionals would wow crowds by performing strength-based tricks on a rubber-laced pole.

Pole’s historical origins in the Eastern world are an important nod to one aspect of modern pole dancing, namely strength and acrobatics, giving basis to the increasing popularity of pole dancing as a form of fitness.

Australian Graded Competitions (AGC) – A competitors results in these competitions are used as a guide to set eligibility criteria for other Graded Competitions and social competitions if they choose.

In a game of word association the phrase “pole dancing” is more likely to elicit connotations such as “hot,” “sexy,” and “erotic” than it is “strength,” “poise,” and “grace,” all words that are often used to describe other forms of dance.

Imagine living next door to an Olympic Gold medalist, the same girl you used to swing around the clothes line with when you were growing up.

For the past 6 years she has been working and training hard to reach the pinnacle in sport, Olympic gold.

AUSTRALIAN POLE CHAMPIONSHIPS – STATE HEATS AND NATIONAL FINAL APC and their related state heats have their own eligibility criteria. au for all the details to find out which division you are eligible for.

The results a competitor gains from these competitions however does affect other Graded Competitions as per above.

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Pole Con: Intensive is a new event featuring only 4-hour intensive, pole-based workshops. "For this to be my first pole con and for having only attended one day, I had a BLAST! I was so excited that my first performance was at Pole Con and I'm planning to keep attending for as long as you keep having them! I had an AMAZING experience and I definitely will be back next year. " "I want to talk about my amazing weekend at Pole Con...

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